Our Councils History


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                                                                 In the beginning
Our Lady of the Rosary has been a cornerstone in the Deer Park community since it was formed on May 29, 1957.  We were founded by our first Chaplain, Father Robert J. Kayser.  Father Kayser was also the one who named our council "Our Lady of the Rosary", after the Blessed Mother Mary.  He gathered up 84 Catholic gentlemen (our first charter members) from the Saints Cyril and Methodius parish in Deer Park and started a small Knights of Columbus council in the basement of the church.  This same small council has grown to over 600 members today.  I encourage you to read through this section and learn some of the interesting history of our council, our place in Deer Park History and a wonderful tribute to our "Founding Farther", a man of God with a dream Father Robert J. Kayser.  Please feel free to click on the blue tabs at the top of the page to navigate through this section.